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In these strange times we want to inspire you with lovely visuals of Amsterdam, this is why we selected these Instagrammers for you:


Dear Emma makes the most beautiful pictures of different aspects of the city. From the doves on Damsquare to orange sunsets behind the canal houses. As a photographer she knows her way with the most lovely sceneries, places and city nature.

Instagram account: @emmapeijnenburg


We mentioned Maartje - the woman behind Barts Boekje - as an Instagrammer in our 2019 update before. But in these C-times she managed to turn the negative into something positive: instead of going out to restaurants and beautiful places, Maartje focused on staying in and everything related to that. Imagine the best food boxes, the best spots to take away food and/or drinks and also great hideaways in our own country! Of course she can't wait to discover the rest of the world again, but for now we'll do Amsterdam and The Netherlands ;-)

Instagram account: @bartsboekje


As the IG account of the Peruvian Paola describes it's mostly about food. And although we like that part of her Instagram account very much, she and her Dutch husband have another thing they love to do namely bike around town and record it. We love the quick vids she uploads as Instagram stories and enjoy the city from our couch! For anyone not being able to come to Amsterdam at the moment, this is definitely the way to get that shot of Amsterdam :)
Thank you, Paola!

Instagram account: @cravingsinamsterdam

Photo credits
The first three photos belong to @bartboekje.
The cover and photo no. 4, 5 and 6 photos belong to @emmapeijnenburg.
Photo no. 7, 8 and 9 belong to @cravingsinamsterdam.