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When the evenings darken up, it’s real gezellig to go out for dinner in the neighbourhood and enjoy a light night stroll along the Amsterdam Light installation on the Herengracht / Herenstraat. 

Café de Klepel

A personal favorite of daughter of the family, Michelle, because of the exquisite French cuisine accompanied by marvellous wines. The staff is very capable of telling you their knowledge of the wines they serve. Just a winner this restaurant. But reserve in advance!


Prinsenstraat 22, Amsterdam 

Restaurant Daalder

The chef of this restaurants worked in Michelin-starred restaurants only. You understand it's a good one to enjoy now, while they don't have a star yet. Especially on Saturdays a must go, because you can first enjoy the market then perhaps a drink at one of the brown cafe's at Noordermarkt and then enjoy and relax an evening in this quality restaurant. 


Lindengracht 90, Amsterdam

Restaurant Breda 

Restaurant Breda is the restaurant of three friends, two chefs and a sommelier. Perfect combination if you ask us. The interior and the food is just great: a really beautiful interior combined with really good food. Take a wine. It will cost you, but in our opinion it’s really worth it! Lunch may be a bit more quiet than dinner. Though reservations are in order. 


Singel 210, Amsterdam

Kaagman & Kortekaas

A Michelin star worthy restaurant in a very authentic atmosphere. The food is absolutely delicious and the ambiance is one you should like (not very fancy, more subtle and back to basic) but it's by far one of the best more haute cuisine experiences we had in a long time. 


Sint Nicolaasstraat 43, Amsterdam


Not in the neighbourhood, we must say immediately. Though you will not regret to go a little extra mile for this restaurant. We recommend it because the ambiance is relaxed, beautifully decorated, the service is really friendly and helpful and the food is just de-lic-ious! (Photos above are from Jacobsz).


Ringdijk 1, Amsterdam