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You loved discovering Amsterdam but you also want to see other cities of the Netherlands? Here you’ll find a list of places that we love for a day trip and that we hope you’ll love them too...


This lovely city is one of the most charming of The Netherlands. The Grote Markt is the historic heart of the city and everything seems to have been organized around it. Festivals, concerts and markets are often hosted there and it’s also one the most beautiful square of the country. If you want to do some shopping you’ll find lovely shops all around Grote Markt. The Molen de Adriaan is a must see! This windmill along the river is a popular attraction in Haarlem. The best asset of Haarlem is that the city is in between the beach and Amsterdam. You can visit Haarlem in the morning and walk along the beach in the afternoon! 

How far?

Around 20 minutes by train from Central Station.


Some people might call Utrecht the little sister of Amsterdam. This charming city looks like Amsterdam with her canals but in a smaller way. Utrecht is really unique thanks to the Oudegracht and Nieuwegracht canals which sheltered water-level terraces, restaurants and shops in the historical city center. You’ll love to have a refreshment at the edge of the water! You must also climb the Dom Tower to see the wonderful view of the town. 

How far? 

Around 30 minutes by train from Central Station. 

About the Dom Tower? 

Open from noon to 5 pm on Sunday and Monday. From 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesday until Saturday. This view comes with a price: €9 for adults and €5 for children between 5 to 12 years old. You’ll find more information of the Dom Tower website.


This charming and picturesque fishing village deserve to be seen! Houses and buildings have a traditional wooden look. Volendam is a victim of its success, hundreds of people are visiting this village each day and it’s clearly a must see. Choose to go there really early to see the typical houses reflecting on the water and to avoid the touristic crowds, it’s a wonderful scene! If you go there you must eat fresh seafood caught by the fisherman. 

How far?

To go there you need to take a bus behind Central Station and it will take you 30 minutes to reach this lovely place. 


Leiden, Rembrandt’s hometown, is well-known by students because of its university! Compares to Amsterdam, this city is less crowded and much calmer. The best way to discover Leiden is to rent a bike and just wander around its charming canals. The city is also known as the capital of museums, if you are passionate by culture and art this place is made for you! 

How far?

Around 40 minutes by train from Central Station. 

Den Haag (The Hague) 

The Hague is the political capital of The Netherlands. The Royal family is living there. The city is amazing and it's also really close to the sea! The city is full of beautiful museums and palaces. It’s the perfect location to be far away from the stress and daily routine of the city life that you can feel in Amsterdam sometimes. Do you need some sea air? Go to Scheveningen which is one of the famous beaches of The Netherlands. City vibes, museums, park, beach… The Hague has it all!

How far?

Around 50 minutes by train from Central Station, trains go every 30 minutes!


While visiting Rotterdam you’ll have a totally different feeling than in Amsterdam! The second largest city of Netherlands is really new with some skyscrapers hitting the skyline. While walking through the city you’ll have the impression to be in a small town but the skyscrapers will remind you where you are. Old yellow trains cross the city and give a really charming atmosphere. Plenty of attractions are really famous there such as the Cube houses for example. But if you are a food lover you must visit the Market Hall which is the largest indoor market in the Netherlands or for the smaller more local version go to Fenix Food Factory.

How far?

You can reach Rotterdam with a direct train in around 40 minutes, mostly with transfers in Leiden or Utrecht.