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August is about being different (Gay Pride) so we want you to experience a different view on the city!. Here you can find 5 secrets places to visit in Amsterdam.. 

The Fish of Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the most famous park of Amsterdam. This park has a secret: A beautiful outdoor sculpture by one of the best artists of the world -> Picasso! In 1965 the Vondelpark celebrated its 100th anniversary. For this special occasion Picasso created a sculpture of a bird, though mostly called The Fish. After the exhibition Picasso offered the statue to the city and you can find this gem at the same place since that time. 


In the center of Vondelpark, this map will allow you to find it! 

An underwater prison

Along the Singel canal in the city center you will find the Torensluis, one of the oldest bridges in town. It’s also one of the most well known bridges in Amsterdam. But did you know that until 1829 you would find prisoners in the cells under this bridge? Nowadays it’s open to the public and open for exhibitions and events. 


5 minutes away from The Times Hotel: Torensluis, 1012 RJ Amsterdam. 

A bit of China

Chinatown in Amsterdam? Yes, we also have a Chinatown. And in the middle of typical Dutch houses you’ll find a Buddhist temple. Build with materials that came straight from China, the buddhists have a place to go to. This impressive temple opens its doors to the public every Saturday with guided tours and meditation session available. It’s the perfect spot to relax from the crowded city center and to enjoy a bit of China. 


Close to Nieuwmarkt on Zeedijk 106-118, 1012 BB Amsterdam. 

Hofjes: secret courtyards

In the city center of Amsterdam you can find lovely and quiet courtyards called a “Hofje”. The most famous one is the Begijnhof (near the Spui) but this place is not a secret anymore and always full of tourists. However, there are around 30 hofjes in Amsterdam’s inner city including 19 in the Jordaan. A must visit if you adore peaceful oases!


Visit this website to find the hofjes.

Tiny hidden houses

Along the Westerstraat you might notice that the addresses of the street jump from 54 to 70. A local advertising agency Natwerk created tiny versions of the missing houses and installed them in a four-inch crack between the two houses. Try to find them by strolling around Jordaan and send us a picture! (#EnjoyYourTimes on Instagram). 


Westerstraat 54, 1015 ML Amsterdam.