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While exploring the city, you also need to refuel from time to time. What better to watch city life go by while you fill your stomach with the best food and drinks Amsterdam has to offer. Daughter of the family, Michelle, wass a food reviewer and writer in a former life ;-) She knows the best hotspots in the city.

If you are at The Times Hotel and want to go for lunch immediately, you’ll find deliciously big sandwiches, soups or salads at Brasserie Batôn. Try the avocado chicken sandwich, the one with salmon or tuna or the old cheese is also great. Big plus is that it is around the corner, so perfect for the one with a hungry stomach..
Herengracht 92, Amsterdam

Libertine Petit Café is a café like restaurant inspired by the Parisian bistros. You can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu stays the same and everything on the menu is delicious: from the classic club sandwiches to the Caesar salad, side dishes like haricot verts or go for some fresh oysters. We can go on for hours. Make a reservation and you won't be disappointed. 
Noordermarkt 4, Amsterdam

Restaurant Breda is the restaurant of three friends, two chefs and a sommelier. Perfect combination if you ask us. The interior and the food is just great: a really beautiful interior combined with really good food. Take a wine. It will cost you, but in our opinion it’s really worth it! Lunch may be a bit more quiet than dinner. Though reservations are in order. 
Singel 210, Amsterdam 

Kessens is the favorite restaurant of the family. Why? Because of the classic French dishes they serve like a ragout or onion soup, but also because of the delicious Holtkamp croquetten and pie. Michelle’s tip? The gravad lax is a smoked salmon that is marinated for about 24 hours. It’s soft and comes with a delicious sweet dressing and dille. The owners Anna and Casper have created a wonderful Scandinavian place where you can expect a warm welcome and delicious food.
Rozengracht 24, Amsterdam

Jansz is the restaurant of the Pulitzer Hotel. The entrance of the restaurant is on the Keizersgracht crossing with the Reestraat, in the midst of the 9 Streets (9 small streets with lovely boutiques for shopping fashion, books and interior). Jansz is a fancy place where you can enjoy oysters, salads, sandwiches, lovely egg dishes like poached eggs or enjoy a special lunch menu. Take your time…
Reestraat 8, Amsterdam 

Buffet van Odette is a great spot for mornings and afternoons but especially with lunch! You can sit outside on their terrace alongside the Prinsengracht and enjoy a coffee or a wine. Or inside of course where the light interior is comfortable and you are nearer to the kitchen.. Expect a French cuisine with an omelette with truffle cheese or mackerel with apple and beets. 
Prinsengracht 598, Amsterdam

Small World makes about 18 delicious sandwiches with surprising combinations like ricotta, pesto and grilled vegetables or ham, artichokes and arugula. Our favorites are the chicken, avocado, mayo and red onion or the meat loaf, tomato and honey mustard. A true paradise for your taste buds! The avocado is smooth and takes on the flavor of grilled and well seasoned chicken and the red onion makes the entire sandwich a bit more spicy. All flavors shoot through your mouth and your taste buds are working overtime! You can eat there but it's rather small so if the weather lets you take it away and wander in the direction of Prinseneiland. Find yourself a bench and enjoy the sandwich.
Binnen Oranjestraat 14, Amsterdam 

Teds Place is an all day brunch place, because why not brunch all day? The small chain restaurant is a very cute spot with a buzzing vibe, cool interior and delicious food. Sandwiches suitable for every hour of the day, waffle fries for your snack cravings and eggs in every form and shape. 
Prinsengracht 178, Amsterdam

Meatless District is a vegan hotspot in town is definitely Meatless District. Their menu is all about vegetables and most food is vegan. They serve meat replacements like vegetarian chicken and vegetarian croquettes from De Vegetarische Slager. You can go here for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's situated in a vibrant area
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67

De Laatste Kruimel is a tiny spot behind Rokin. It’s very busy, but once you see there window display. You cannot pass it. Delicious croissants, scones, sweet pies, sandwiches, fresh bread, quiches or savoury pies. If it’s too crowded, just take away and find a spot along the Amstel river (few mins away). 
Lange brugsteeg 4, Amsterdam