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Museumplein is the place to be for museum lovers. There you will find the three most iconic museums in town - the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. But where should contemporary art lovers go? Here you will find the answer!

The Moco Museum of Amsterdam is also known as the Modern Contemporary Museum. The museum has opened its doors in 2016 making it one of the newest museums of Amsterdam. The city is full of cultural places, most of them are showing iconic arts of the past centuries. In the Moco museum you find pieces of modern art. 

The Moco museum was born by couple Lionel and Kim Logchies who are contemporary art lovers. They worked in the art world for eighteen years. The aim of this museum is to take pieces of art that are normally not in museums and put them in the spotlight! For example, Banksy is an artist that the Logchies couple appreciate a lot. Banksy is a street artist and the Moco Museum opens its doors to his art that generally stays outside. 

Two famous contemporary artists in the spotlight: the first one is an exhibit of Banksy. Its identity remains unknown but he is one of the world’s greatest street artist. The mystery around his identity is what’s make him so interesting and inspiring for people. Banksy is well known for his stencils art which combines dark humour with philosophy and politics. 
The second one is an exhibit of the pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein who is one of the leading figures in the new art movement. Maybe his name is not familiar to you, but you can recognize his works at first sight. His art combines pop colors with thousands of dots.

Moco Museum focuses on artists who have their own vision on our society and have a message to send to the world. They use art to criticise the modern society with irony. For giving such artists room to show their work is what’s making this museum so special and unique. Coming to the Moco Museum will of course allow you to see beautiful pieces of art but moreover you will find it inspirational eye openers. 

If you love contemporary art and want to see pieces that are nowhere to be seen, the Moco Museum is the place to be!  

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Why do we love this Museum? 

This Museum is full of surprises. At the first glance you see a beautiful house but then you enter a paradise of modern art. It’s so colourful and contemporary. Younger or older people are to be amazed by the beauty of this art that is normally not shown in museums. 

When should you go there? 

The house is small so when there are a lot of people in the Museum there are a lot of jams. It can be a good idea to buy your ticket in advance on internet and then to go there in early mornings or before closing. You can plan one hour and a half in your schedule to visit this Museum and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. 

How much does it cost?

An adult ticket: €12,50. 
Students and 16 to 17 year olds: €10. 
10 to 15 year olds: €7,50.
Off-peak hours are early in the morning and before closing time: €9.
Find all information on the link below. 

Where to eat or drinks in the area? 

There are a lot of nice restaurants around Museumplein. Our favourites are Buffet van Odette on the Prinsengracht for a French lunch, a Michelin star dinner at RIJKS or freakshakes and big sandwiches at The Corner Bakery. More information on hotspots check local food platform Story154.

Address: Honthorststraat 20, Museumplein in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.