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This year the Amsterdam Light Festival exists 10 years! This winter revolves around Celebrate Light. The festival route is made up of more than 20 light artworks, consisting of the highlights of the past nine editions. The most appealing, inspiring and popular artworks make a comeback on the canals of Amsterdam, next to a couple of new works especially created for Edition #10. Together we look back at a decade of light art and we celebrate the tenth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival.

The light artworks are placed in the public space, meaning they are visible and accessible for everyone. Of course, you want to know all about the stories of the artworks, the artists and the theme Celebrate Light. Every light artwork influences the way its surroundings are perceived. Some artworks act as meeting places, while others tell the stories of the people who live in the neighbourhood. Dark, unpleasant alleyways and tunnels are transformed into immersive experiences - that’s what we like to call the power of light (art).

Take an evening stroll through the city! 

Amsterdam Light Festival
From 2nd of December 2021 to 23rd of January 2022