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It’s Autumn, almost Winter - the days are becoming shorter and darker. Luckily the lights just went on because it’s time for the 7th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival: The Medium is the Message. A festival brought to life to make the end of the year and the beginning of the next brighter, literally.

Have you ever heard of the Amsterdam Light Festival? This light festival is having its 7th edition from the 29th of November 2018 till 20th of January 2019. Thirty artists have made a light installation that is positioned throughout the city of Amsterdam. This years theme is ‘The Medium is the Message’, a statement by the famous Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan. The role of light in transferring the message and Amsterdam as a medium for telling stories is central in this edition.

This edition has some guaranteed impressive installations for example the "Light a Wish" nearby the Herenstraat, "Starry Night" inspired by Vincent van Gogh on the Herengracht/Leidsegracht and the "Spider on the Bridge" on Leidsegracht/Reguliersgracht. For 53 days the artworks are exhibited in the historic city centre of Amsterdam. So be there or be square!


The Times Hotel advices 

Why do we love the Amsterdam Light Festival? 

This festival brightens up our darker evenings and nights. For a few years we had an installation in front of our hotel. Though now one is positioned at the Herenstraat called Light a Wish by OGE Group: “Make a wish before you blow the fluff from a dandelion into the air – everyone knows this game. OGE Group’s 'Light a Wish' visualises the moment the seeds disperse in the air, taking your wish with them into the world.” 

When should you go there? 

The Amsterdam Light Festival is from November till January. You can watch the beautiful light installations throughout the city by foot, bike or by boat. Our recommendation is to book one of the many boat tours, so you can enjoy the festival from a warm boat with a drink on the side ;-). 

How to go there? 

The light installations are positioned throughout the city which you can visit by foot, bike or boat. When you are travelling by boat and see the beautiful light installations coming by, it’s a really must visit. On this website you can book a boat tour.

How much does it cost?

An adult ticket: €21.
4 to 12 year olds: €15.
Under 3 year olds: free of charge. 

Find all information on the link below.