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July is one of the warmest months in The Netherlands. Every local wants to enjoy every sunray by being outside biking, having a picnic or enjoying outdoor festivities. Take makes Amsterdam the best destination in Summer! Here you can find 5 things to do during this lovely month:

Open-air cinemas

Hot days also means warm and long nights! There are several open-air cinemas around the city to entertain the evenings of movie lovers. You can see a movie from your couch or in a park: what do you choose? 


In Amsterdam-Noord there is a restaurant, bar and urban beach call Pllek. You can enjoy a good movie on every Tuesday after sunset with friends and family. If nights are still to chilly, don’t forget to take a blanket! 

Music or food festivals 

Amsterdam is the city of festivals of all kinds: food, music, theatre… You will find the festival which interests you. During July, the festival agenda is booming! Otherwise take a look at the Iamsterdam website for all festivals.


From the 7th to the 8th of July you can eat wonderful vegan meals and listen to live music at the Vegan Food Festival. 
From the 13th until the 15th of July in the South of Amsterdam you can taste delicious meals at the Trek Food Truck Festival. 
But it’s just examples, there is plenty of others festival to enjoy the summer!

Visit the beach

When it’s too hot outside you can go to the beach. With public transportation you are approximately one hour on your way from door to door. But if you don’t want to go far from the city, there are also some urban beaches in Amsterdam. 


You can go to the Sloterpark in the west of the city, in the South you can refresh yourself in Het Nieuwe Meer, next to Amsterdamse Bos. There are plenty of urban beaches to discover and to make you experience the real Amsterdam Summer.

Have a barbecue in a park

Having a picnic is the ideal way of spending time in the sun and with friends/family. We Dutchies love to go to the park and eat with friends. But as we all know, Summer is BBQ season! What’s better than having a barbecue in a park? Bring some meat, vegetables, a salad, some drinks and you’re all set. At lunch or for dinner, light up your barbecue and enjoy the weather. 


Since 2017, it’s not allowed anymore to have a barbecue in the Vondelpark but you can still enjoy it at Westerpark or Oosterpark! 
Follow this link to know where you can have a barbecue: 

Cycling to the countryside

Every season is perfect for cycling around Amsterdam. But with sun and wind in the air it’s better don’t you think? You will feel like a local, but be careful when comes the sun comes the bikes. If you have the idea of cycling because the weather allows it, don’t forget that someone else had the same idea. 


July is a crowded month in the city. You can take a free ferry behind Central Station and go to the North with your bike. There is plenty of nice small villages to discover there and without the crowd. 


These 5 things are not the only 5 things you can do in July in Amsterdam of course ;-) There are plenty of other nice activities in the city. We hope to see you wandering around in July!